Presenter: Dr Tyron Venn

The majority of the private native forest estate in Queensland is on properties where the main activity is beef cattle grazing, which is the largest agricultural industry in the state by value and land area. However, this forest is in a state of low productivity and ecological condition following a century of poor management. After highlighting the economic causes of this problem, the seminar will detail applied research that has revealed the strong financial performance of silviculture to improve forest productivity, and how this could translate into increased farm incomes and rural employment opportunities. Policy solutions are then proposed to overcome market failures in private native forest management. 

About Rural Development, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Seminars

The seminars will be held in Hartley-Teakle Building (83), Room S324 from 12pm - 1pm. Participants are encouraged to bring lunch to enjoy during the seminar. Arrangements will be made for Gatton colleagues to participate via a videoconference link.


Dr Dominic Smith
Seminar Convenor