Presenter: Dr Phil Currey 

Market research in three regions of Southern Philippines was conducted to identify the characteristics of distribution channels for selected vegetable as a means of providing an evidence base for small-scale vegetable farmers to make informed market-led decisions as part of an ACIAR project which ran from 2014 – 2018. An exploratory research methodology was adopted and data was collected by conducting semi-structured interviews with value chain members linking farmers and consumers. Participants were purposefully selected based on their organisation’s size, with the largest actors in each segment being interviewed where possible. Distribution of vegetables in southern Philippines is complex and not well documented in literature. This research may be the first substantial attempt at systematically identifying the specific characteristics of different types of actors that operate between farmers and consumers. The collection of accurate data was challenging because of the lack of prior research, the complexity of distribution channels, the stage of the industry’s life cycle in the Southern Philippines and because vegetables are not a significant crop in the region. Despite the difficulties, the data collected provided a foundation on which market segment decisions were made by farmers and can provide a framework for data collection into the future. This presentation describes the methods employed. 

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Dr Dominic Smith
Seminar Convenor