Learn.UQ (Blackboard)

Learn.UQ is the Learning Management System for most UQ courses.

You'll use it to download course materials, submit assignments and collaborate through discussion boards, blogs or wikis.

Learn.UQ help

To get help with using Learn.UQ, visit the UQ Library's Learn.UQ (Blackboard) help pages.


Turnitin is text-matching software that checks your work against electronic text from the internet, published works such as journal articles and books, and assignments previously submitted to Turnitin by other students.

You'll submit most assignments through your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course site via by the Turnitin link for that assignment.

When you submit an assignment to Turnitin, an Originality Report is generated.

This report flags text that matches paragraphs in Turnitin’s database, and indicates the overall proportion of matching text within an assignment, which is known as the Similarity Index.

The Similarity Index shows where the text matches - for example, your reference list might raise the percentage similarity. However, if your Similarity Index shows that large portions of your content matches with some other work, you'll probably need to re-work your assignment.

Each case is judged individually so there's no hard-and-fast rule about acceptable percentages - but a score lower than seven per cent is generally acceptable.

For more information, visit the Turnitin Student Quickstart Guide.