We welcome expressions of interest for tutor and demonstrator positions within our School at both Gatton and St Lucia.

Academic support staff play a vital role in teaching and learning, and we employ casual tutors and demonstrators to assist teaching staff in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

How to apply

Applications for Semester 1, 2019 have now closed.


Contact us

For more information, including details about training and pay rates, email Karli Kollegger, our Student Experience Officer.

Available courses

You can apply to help deliver material on a range of courses across our disciplines.

To view course information, select the discipline that interests you:

1. Agribusiness

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
AGRC2023 Agropreneurship AGRC7123 S1
AGRC2030 Agricultural Economics   S2
AGRC3000 Food & Fibre Case Studies III    S2
AGRC3023 Agrifood Strategy & Competitiveness AGRC7043 S2
AGRC7037 e-technologies for the Food & Fibre Sector (even years only) AGRC1016 S2
AGRC7043 Agrifood Strategies & Competitiveness AGRC3023 S2
FINM3960 Investment Project Appraisal FINM7960 S1
FINM7960 Agribusiness Project Appraisal FINM3960 S1
IBUS3960 Export Practices and Procedures   S2
MGTS3968 Sustainable Supply Chain Management   S1
MKTG3960 Applied Market Research MKTG7966 S2
MKTG3961 Commodities, Futures & Options   S1
MKTG7960 Commodities, Futures & Options MKTG3961 S2
MKTG7961 Agribusiness Marketing MKTG1502 S1
MKTG7966 Applied Market Research MKTG3960 S2
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2. Animal production

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
ANIM1014 Animal Welfare, Behaviour & Handling   S1
ANIM1018 Livestock Industries   S2
ANIM2021 Animal Environmental Physiology   S2
ANIM2044 Monogastric Production Systems   S1
ANIM2051 Animal Anatomy & Physiology 1   S1
ANIM2052 Animal Anatomy & Physiology 2   S2
ANIM2053 Animal Nutrition   S1
ANIM3006 Animal Health & Epidemiology ANIM1008 S2
ANIM3019 Animal Reproduction   S1
ANIM3045 Sustainable Animal Systems   S2
ANIM3046 Animal Breeding & Genetics   S1
ANIM3060 Animals in a Changing Environment   S2
ANIM3061 Animal Nutrigenomics and Metabolism   S2
ANIM3062 Emerging Issues in Animal Biosciences   S2
ANIM7001 Animal Science & Production   S1, S2
ANIM7014 Animal Nutritional Science   S2
ANIM7219 Animal Reproductive Science ANIM2052 S1
ANIM7240 Animal Nutrition and Technology ANIM2053 S1
ANIM7620 Concepts in Animal Science   S1, S2
ANIM7621 Animal Breeding Technology   S1
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3. Agriculture

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
AGRC6631 Agricultural Research Methodologies   S1, S2
AGRC7045 Agricultural Research Methodologies   S1, S2
ENVM1512 Ecological Economics   S1
ENVM3523 Natural Resource Management ENVM7511 S1
ENVM7511 Natural Resource Management ENVM3523 S1
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4. Equine science

Course code Course title Semester
ANIM1006 Fundamentals of Equine Science S2
ANIM2024 Equine Behaviour & Performance S1
ANIM2039 Equine Breeding & Stud Management S2
ANIM3030 Equine Nutrition & Health S2
ANIM3039 Equine Exercise & Rehabilitation S1
ANIM7117 Equine Digest Physiol & Nutrition S2
ANIM7118 Equine Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation S1
ANIM7119 Equine Health & Welfare S1
ANIM7120 Equine Reproduction S2
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5. Environment

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
AGRC7046 Leadership in Rural Industries and Communities   S1
AGRC7047 Global Challenges in Agriculture   S2
AGRC7049 Extension and Participatory Practice   S1
ENVM2521 Participatory Research, Development & Extension Practice   S1
ENVM3526 Systems Thinking Systems Dynamics ENVM7523 S1
ENVM3530 Environment & Community   S2
ENVM7513 Environment & Community   S2
ENVM7523 Systems Thinking for Sustainability ENVM3526 S1
MGTS1982 Working with Groups & Teams   S2, S3
MGTS7963 Evaluation of Programs & Projects   S2
MGTS7965 Leading & Facilitating Groups   S2
MGTS7968 Rural Community Development   S1
MGTS7973 Negotiation & Conflict Management in Resource Management   S1
MGTS7976 Effective Stakeholder Engagement   S2
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6. Food science and technology

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
CHEM2003 Food Chemistry FOOD7013 S2

Food Microbiology and Biotechnology

FOOD1001 Principles of Food Preservation FOOD7011 S1
FOOD2000 Food Science   S1
FOOD2003 Food Process Engineering I   S2
FOOD3000 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals   S1
FOOD3007 Food Structure & Sensory Science FOOD7016 S1
FOOD3008 Food Process Engineering II FOOD7020 S1
FOOD3011 Food Product Development FOOD7019 S2
FOOD3017 Food Policy, Safety & Quality Management   S1
FOOD3022 Bush Foods of Australia FOOD7022 S2
FOOD7000 Advanced Food Materials Science   S2
FOOD7006 Food Safety & Quality Management   S1
FOOD7011 Principles of Food Preservation FOOD2006 S1
FOOD7013 Food Chemistry & Analysis CHEM2003 S2
FOOD7016 Food Sensory & Physical Assessment FOOD3007 S2
FOOD7019 Food Product & Process Designs FOOD3011 S2
FOOD7020 Food Processing Technology FOOD3008 S1
FOOD7022 Bush Foods of Australia FOOD3022 S2
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7. Plant science (Gatton)

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
AGRC1024 Plant Production Principles and Technologies   S2
AGRC1021 Applied Plant Biology   S1
AGRC2040 Agronomy   S2
AGRC3002 Agronomy 2   S2
AGRC3006 Pasture Science   S2
AGRC3036 Precision Agriculture   S1
AGRC3041 Plant Breeding   S2
AGRC7048 Principles of Plant Physiology PLNT2002 S2
AGRC7051 Advanced Pasture Management AGRC3006 S2
HORT2007 Horticultural Science HORT3009 S1
HORT3003 Production Horticulture HORT7002 S2
HORT3009 Horticultural Science 2 HORT2007 S2
HORT7002 Horticulture Production HORT3003 S2
PLNT2002 Plant Physiology AGRC7048 S2
PLNT2011 Plant & Environmental Health   S2
PLNT3009 Plant Protection PLNT7005 S2
PLNT7005 Plant Protection PLNT3009 S2
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8. Plant science (St Lucia)

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
AGRC3002 Agronomy 2   S2
BIOL2203 Plant Biology   S2
BIOL3004 Genomics & Bioinformatics   S1
BIOL3011 Plant Microbe & Insect Interactions BIOL7012 S2
BIOL3200 Current Topics & Applications in Plant Science   S2
BIOL3201 Fungi & Plant Diseases BOTN6017 S1
BIOL3202 Plant Biology 2   S1
BIOL3203 Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology   S1
BIOL3204 Plant Adaptation & Global Change   S2
BIOL7012 Plant-Microbe & Insect Interactions BIOL3011 S2
BIOL7017 Plant Pathology BIOL3201 S1
PLNT3012 Weed Science PLNT6894 S1, S3
PLNT6894 Principles of Weed Science PLNT3012 S1
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9. Soil science

Course code Course title Semester
AGRC1031 Australia's Biophysical Environment S2
AGRC1032 Elements of Ecology S1
AGRC1040 Food for a Health Planet S1
ENVM3211 Environmental Toxicology and Monitoring S2
ENVM4008 Science & the Environment S1
LAND2003 The Soil Environment S1
LAND3005 Soil Plant Relationships S1
LAND3006 Soils, Landscapes & Environments S2
LAND3007 Land Use & Management S1
LAND7000 Water & Land Resource Management S2
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10. Wildlife Science

Course code Course title Co-taught Semester
ANIM1026 Australian Terrestrial Vertebrates   S2
ANIM2043 Biology of Australian Marsupials & Monotremes   S2
ANIM2055 The Management and Husbandry of Zoo Animals   S1
ANIM3016 Zoo Husbandry and Management   S2
ANIM3018 Wildlife Technologies   S2
ANIM7043 Australian Marsupials & Monotremes   S2
LPWM3005 Game Management - The Science of Sustainable Use   S1
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11. Core courses

Course code Course title Semester
AGRC1020 Applied Biology I (animals) S1
AGRC1021 Applied Biology II (Plants) S1
AGRC1023 Applied Mathematics and Statistics S1
AGRC2001 Agricultural Biochemistry S1
AGRC2013 Agricultural Microbiology & Gene Technology S2
CHEM1004 Chemistry S2
CHEM1100 Chemistry 1 S1
STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data S1, S2
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