Future agriculture leaders are on the horizon

25 May 2022

Science students from The University of Queensland Lachlan Bryant and Sarah Hamblin, have secured industry sponsorships as part of the 2022 AgriFutures Horizon Scholarships program.

The scholarships facilitate the development of the next generation of rural leaders in the agriculture industry, by providing not only financial support to students, but practical experience through work placements.

Sarah Hamblin portrait Sarah is studying Agribusiness and Agricultural Science and was thrilled to learn she had won a scholarship and received a with sponsorship from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

“The Horizons Scholarship is going to open so many doors for me when it comes to building my career in agriculture,” she said.

“The opportunities provided by the scholarship are going to give me the chance to gain real-life, practical experience within the industry, which I can apply throughout the remainder of my studies at UQ.”

Sarah said working alongside an organisation as influential to the red meat and agriculture industries as Meat & Livestock Australia will be invaluable as she prepares for her work placement.

“To have their guidance during this stage of my career development journey is an amazing opportunity,” she said.

“I’m really excited to learn more about MLA’s research and projects supporting the red meat supply chain in areas as varied as genetics and genomics, food safety, and product innovation.

“Most of all, I’m really keen to develop connections and build relationships with influential and inspirational people in the agriculture industry, and this scholarship provides such a great chance to do that.”

Lachlan Bryant portraitLachlan is studying Agricultural Science and Agronomy and secured a sponsorship from Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

“I feel both very fortunate and very proud to have received a Horizon Scholarship, considering how sought after they are, and how many people apply each year,” he said.

“The financial support from the scholarship will ease the pressure while I study, as will the practical experience I’ll gain from working closely with GRDC.

“GRDC is at the forefront of the Australian grains industry and plays a vital role in both research and communication of research to producers.

“I hope that by partnering with them as my sponsor, I can increase my real-world agronomic knowledge and industry contacts, and really kickstart a fulfilling and meaningful career.”

With the many global challenges facing the agriculture industry, our winners believe programs such as the AgriFutures Horizon Scholarships will help usher in the next generation of industry leaders.

“As our climate changes and technology advances, the world needs intelligent, future focused problem-solvers working in agriculture so that we can provide for future generations,” Lachlan said.

Sarah agrees there is a bright future for the agriculture industry, but believes it is up to the next generation to tackle the many challenges we face.

“We, as leaders, will need to provide more economical, productive, and sustainable rural practices that support our farmers and rural communities and see them prosper,” she said.

“We will use our passion for agriculture to build a sustainable future for ourselves, our families, and the industry as a whole.”