Medallist is cream of the dairy industry crop

24 May 2018

University of Queensland Emeritus Professor Hilton Deeth has been awarded the John Bryant Medal for outstanding services to the Australian dairy industry.

Professor Deeth of the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, was honoured at a recent Dairy Industry Association of Australia awards evening.

Awards have been made annually since 1952 and recipients must demonstrate an outstanding and sustained contribution to the industry in Australia, marked by achievements and strong leadership.

Professor Deeth was raised on a south-east Queensland dairy farm, and studied at UQ, completing a Bachelor of Science, Master of Agricultural Studies, Bachelor of Economics,  and PhD in chemistry.

He worked as a food research chemist for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, became Manager of Food Research, and was involved in milk, butter and cheese research projects, and specialised in problems relating to lipase and other enzymes.

Professor Deeth joined UQ in 1995, where he taught dairy science, emerging food technologies and food product development, supervised more than 30 Masters and PhD students on dairy research projects and published widely with more than 150 research papers, and 25 book chapters.

In 1996, he established UQ’s Dairy Industry Centre for UHT Processing, which he managed until 2008.

Since his retirement in 2011, Professor Deeth has continued as a professor and dairy industry consultant, providing advice and training to the dairy industry, and specialising in dairy industry thermal and non-thermal technologies, processing and products.