Vietnamese beef to benefit from Aussie expertise

28 Nov 2016

Vietnamese beef industry leaders meetTwelve leaders of the Vietnamese beef industry will return home with increased expertise after a collaborative visit to UQ’s School of Agriculture and Food Science.

Funded by The University of Queensland, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam and the Australian Government, the visit is part of the Australia Awards Fellowships administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Over three days, the thirteen fellows explored UQ’s research into feedlot operations and management, cattle nutrition (diets and feed processing), health, welfare and the Australian feedlot industries QA systems.

They also examined the effects of mycotoxin contamination of feed on animal health and production.

UQ host Associate Professor John Gaughan says that the expertise and techniques developed at UQ’s Gatton campus will be invaluable to Vietnam’s booming cattle industry. 

“Meat consumption in Vietnam has risen 87% between 2001-2011 and demand exceeds production,” Dr Gaughan said.

“70%-80% of cattle are raised in remote areas by ethnic minorities, usually by women located in the Northern Mountains and Central regions.

“The visitors have been introduced to the School of Agriculture and Food Science’s cattle production and nutrition programs, which will provide tools for the industry to grow sustainably.

“This program will assist the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to build capacity to restructure the beef industry in Vietnam.”

Along with scientific and technological training at UQ, fellows will also network with Australian producers, service and equipment suppliers, state and local government agencies in Brisbane, Central Queensland, and Western and North Queensland.

Fellows will visit research and training facilities as well as organisations and companies across the supply chain, such as large scale cattle producers, feedlots, sale yards and private industry supplying services to the cattle industry. 

They will gain insights into processing, regulation, live export from Australia, research and training approaches, and the role of government, community groups and women in the sector.

Australia Awards Fellowships build capacity and strengthen partnerships between Australian organisations and partner organisations in eligible developing countries in support of key development and foreign affairs priorities.

For more information: Associate Professor John Gaughan,, +61 7 5460 1036 or +61 4 19 664 380