Our international student numbers grow steadily each year, and currently nearly 500 undergraduate, postgraduate and research higher degree students from more than 60 overseas countries are enrolled to study with us.

International students each bring to our School their unique perspectives and cultural insights, making for dynamic and lively scholarly and social communities.

Our staff groupings are equally diverse - more than one-third of our 167 colleagues hail from some 30 countries not including Australia.

Experiences and exchanges

Our diversity is reflected in the many international educational and research opportunities offered by our School and the wider University.

UQ has exchange agreements with more than 200 universities worldwide.

International students can study with our School as part of UQ's Incoming Exchange program, and similarly, our domestic students can broaden their horizons through the UQ Study Abroad program.

Our flexible degree programs also enable our current students to experience international learning through overseas field trips, and many of our courses are available for study externally.

Our academics participate widely in international collaborations, and seek out overseas exchanges, fellowships and postings through the UQ's numerous mobility and funding schemes. We also regularly host international scholars and speakers.

Supporting global engagement

We work hard to support wider global engagement efforts to extend UQ's international reputation and connectedness.

Each year, UQ staff travel extensively to give advice to future students, and UQ offers a range of scholarship opportunities for international and domestic students.